"Do your practice and all is coming." -Sri Pattabhi Jois

At Dwell, we offer a broad variety of classes in the various styles of Beginner, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Alignment, Restorative, Ayruvedic, Baby yoga, and more. Learn more about how to find the right class for you here.

Seasonal Hatha Yoga

Level I

You will be guided through stages of poses with the opportunity to choose what stage works best for you. Along with exploring proper alignment to increase flexibility, build strength and improve balance you will learn the Meridians (energetic pathways) and Chakras (energetic centers) associated with the current season. This class is a great choice for beginners with physical limitations OR beginner to advanced practitioners who wish to explore a deeper energetic focus in their practice. 

Yin Yoga 

Level I-III

Yin Yoga is an all-level practice. It is accessible as an entry-level practice and is also an excellent adjunct to an active Yoga practice. Yin yoga applies healthy stress to joints and connective tissue. Connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, and fascia) respond to long, steady, and moderate loads of stress by lengthening and growing stronger. Yin postures focus on the joint and connective tissue in the low back, pelvis, and hips. For those with an established asana practice, yin postures provide space in which you can uncover subtle patterns of holding or clenching and then decide if they are helpful or necessary. Insights into these patterns can lead to greater freedom and flexibility in your physical practice, and in your life.


Level I-III

"You are only an HOUR away from where you want to be!" Yogahour is designed for students who want to get fit and flexible, and reduce stress and anxiety while having fun. Yogahour of Play and Power is a 60-minute flow yoga practice for all levels that offers clear and detailed alignment instructions. Yogahour is designed for students who want to get fit and flexible, and to reduce stress and anxiety while having fun. 

Sunday yH (YogaHour) + Meditate

An hour of play & power--a fun, rockin' flow class with music plus 15 minutes of breathing techniques and meditation. Beginners welcome.

Early Bird Yoga

(this class is seasonal and will return to our schedule 4/2017)

Level I-III

Rise & Shine with a practice designed to ease you into your day. A fusion of energy practices, slow flow, and gentle static postures that open the energy channels associated with the early bird hour. A wonderful midweek boost! 

Hot Static|26

Level I-III

The original Bikram inspired 26-posture class, designed to scientifically warm and stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons systematically from the inside out, working the entire body. This hot static class follows a series of both standing and seated postures with a short pause in between each pose. This class can be a vigorous and well-rounded workout, yet appropriate for beginners to advanced practioners. Dwell is proud to offer this class by Certified Bikram instructor, Kim Chormicle. 

Warm Flow 

Level I-II

Ease into your weekend with our “Friday Happy Hour Slow Flow” A warm hatha flow connecting movement with breath with a focus on building strength, flexibility and balance. Release the stress through flow and relax into longer hold times. Set to inspiring music, this class will work every muscle at a moderate pace. The class will end with a 15 minute guided savasana, to separate your work week from your weekend. 

Hot Flow 

Level II-III

This class builds on the foundations of Vinyasa, incorporating arm balances, inversions, and more difficult transitions between postures. Set to inspiring music, this class will challenge you and work every muscle at a moderate to fast pace. Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced students will find their flow in this class. Temp low 90's

Power Flow

Level II-III

Power Flow class builds on the foundations of Vinyasa II and will provide a great, rigorous flow with an emphasis on instructing students through more challenging postures such as standing balances, arm balances, inversions and more difficult transitions between postures in a supportive and safe environment. This class is perfect for students seeking to take their physical practice to the next level while mindfully reviving their whole being. 

Massage Flow

Level I-II

Experience “yoga as medicine” from the inside-out with a fusion of self-massage, slow gentle yoga flow, and aromatherapy. Learn to self massage with props, such as tennis balls, blocks, and straps with the goal of increasing mobility, addressing postural imbalances, and promoting deep relaxation. Learn to bring your body back to homeostasis by releasing a cascade of feel-so-good hormones. 

Ayurvedic Yoga

Level I

An Ayurvedic yoga practice aims to balance influences from the outside and within the body.  Group classes are designed to balance the system without causing additional aggravation to seasonal and environmental changes. The class is composed of Breath work (pranayama), Sun- or Moon salutations (surya - or chandra namaskar), Meditation and an Asana practice. It is a gentle class suitable for all levels and offers a way to introspect and observe the self within the flow of breath. 


 Level II-III

A full body practice to invigorate the body and focus the mind. This class combines the most essential healing postures from the tradition of hot yoga (Bikram) with the flow of Vinyasa. With balance of silence and music, you will leave feeling re-energized, re-vitalized, and re-stored. Room Temperature: 104 with 40% humidity. 

The Rocket

Level II-III

THE ROCKET - Practice using bandhas, breath and drishti to expand your experience with ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Created by Larry Schultz, THE ROCKET offers a series of routines modifying the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system combining key poses from the primary and intermediate series to create a twisting, heart opening, arm balancing, inverting, perception shifting ride. Recommended for experienced vinyasa flow practitioners looking for a challenge. Practiced at room temperature.

Candlelight Vinyasa Restorative

Level I-II

Unwind and Restore. Begin with 30 minutes of flowing movement designed to build strength and openness through a variety of postures to help shed the stresses of your day. Followed by 30 minutes of relaxation, using props for fully supported, gentle restorative poses. This class will help balance the nervous system and restore your body’s natural equilibrium.

Baby & Me Yoga

Enjoy movement with your baby that encourages connection and a deeper understanding of their social emotional development. Experience and learn baby massage, aromatherapy, and music with your little one. Parents will also have an opportunity to practice yoga for their own self-care and stress relief.


Toddler & Me Yoga

The perfect step up from Baby Yoga that combines more gross
motor movement, games, literature, and imitation. 



Check out our Midday Reconnect classes for just $5 and $7

Check out our Midday Reconnect classes for just $5 and $7